Wait, I Can

Make Money Here?!

Yes!  Easily.  When you book a WATCH CLOSELY LIVE show, you'll also receive a unique code. Tell as many of your friends, family & social media buddies about the show and ask them to use your unique code when booking (there's a Promo Code field on the Contact/Book form).

For every full-price paid performance of WATCH CLOSELY LIVE I undertake with your code attached, I will pay you £5 commission.

So, if 10 people book and pay for the show using your code, I'll pay you £50 commission!  No strings attached.

What are you waiting for?  Get a performance of WATCH CLOSELY LIVE booked in to receive your code, then you can start making money, as if by magic...

Terms & Conditions

1) Your unique code only becomes valid after you have booked & paid in full for a performance.

2) There are no restrictions as to how many times your unique code can be used by other people.

3) Your £5 commission is only accrued once a show is booked using your code and is paid for in full.

4) If you book and pay for a performance but then cancel and ask for a refund, your unique code is no longer valid.

5) To minimise transactions & admin, accumulative commission will be paid every Friday, or upon specific request, via bank transfer or PayPal. 


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