Would you like to experience an INTERACTIVE 5-star magic show LIVE from the comfort of your own home?

Hello! I am Billy Reid, a Glasgow-based professional magician and the current

Scottish Close-up Magic Champion. 

Watch Closely is my intimate close-up storytelling magic show - normally performed in front of a live audience. However, in light of the recent coronavirus situation, the next few shows have been cancelled. With the closure of theatres and comedy clubs and most of us living under restrictions, wouldn't it be great if you could experience interactive live entertainment from the comfort of your own home?

Now you can. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you


What is the concept and how does it work?

Connecting via FaceTime or Zoom, you and your family will enjoy a private

45-minute bespoke performance of Watch Closely. Experience some of my most amazing magic & storytelling LIVE from the comfort of your own home. As the performance is live, all of the magic you will experience will be interactive - 

YOU choose the cards, 

YOU make the decisions, 

YOU control the outcome of the impossible...

No two performances will ever be the same!

Performance slots available from 10am-10pm Mon-Sat

Join me at the card table...


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